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We use robust design led approaches to help our clients innovate around the vision and strategy of a customer experience, the physical environments where customers have those experiences, and how digital can transform those environments.


We have a decade of experience working on the design of innovative environments across sectors and believe space and technology should be designed around people.


We specialise in projects that fundamentally challenge the way environments support experiences, and thrive on briefs that pose big questions about the future of your service.


The “y-tail” program will use 500+ volunteers from Generation Y (consumers between 16 and 32) being able to record at least 1 experience a day through a bespoke application for a period of 3 months analysing in store, web and mobile channels.

This equates to 45 000 customer journeys, showing not only successful experiences, but also lost sales and opportunities impossible to capture through traditional CRM insight.

Why should retailers get involved?

  • Understand the most significant Gen Y consumer habits and priorities;
  • Quantify the value of the Gen Y customer experience in a way not achievable through existing loyalty schemes;
  • Co-create future strategy with Gen Y through an interactive event, post research, to redesign the future experience.
  • Understand Gen Y pain points in their multichannel consumer experience
  • Identify what causes Gen Y loyalty to decline;

Work with retail brands? Get involved.

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Free White Papers

  • The Experience Process

    How to innovate with the experiences we take for granted

  • Blurring the Boundaries

    3 Strategies to Blur the Boundaries between Virtual and Physical Spaces

  • In-Store Insights

    Designing the In-Store Experience Through Customer Insights


Our Work

  • Flypay

    we have developed a mobile payment solution for the restaurant industry to solve the biggest pain point in the restaurant customer experience. Launching in Wahaca in Summer 2013.

  • William Hill

    we work with one of the UK’s largest bookmakers on all aspects on the current in-store experience to look at enhancing short term revenue, influencing behaviour, and establishing a future strategy for change based around robust customer insight.

  • House of Fraser

    we created a strategy for change prior to national rollout for two new omnichannel concept stores – their .com order and collect offering – by evaluating the customer experience. We are currently helping them evolve their omnichannel strategy in their department stores.

  • Whyte & Brown

    Flywheel is working with a major new restaurant brand, opening 2013, on it’s service and experience design, and digital strategy.

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